Sew Nice

From Fall River, Massachusetts (November 2010-February 2011) we moved to Warren, Rhode Island and after a year of living in a crampy apartment we decided to sign another lease for a year. Some people might ask why but I really like this place. It’s near the bike path, post office, grocery store, convenient store, some restaurants, Police & Fire Station but the most important thing, Bus Stop. We are centrally located.

So, I decided to start fixing the house one project at a time. And  by fixing I mean, aesthetically. Here is a curtain I made last year. The Hubster requested for a block curtain because apparently people who has blue eyes are more sensitive to light. Don’t ask me, I have brown eyes. I have never been sensitive to the sunlight. I used to stare at the sun when I was a kid thinking I was the daughter of the SUN and I am not afraid of light. That’s a true story.
I sewed a white cloth at the back of the blue fabric just to block the light. I guess it added to the weight so the curtain rod was always giving up.
Last week I bought several rolls of fabric and I picked the chevron because I think it added to the height of the room. In case you have not noticed we live in the second floor which is more of an attic. But it suits us because we are all vertically challenged.
So here is the new curtain I made and I think I did good with it.
I like the fact that the color blended well with the furniture and the lazy boy.
Of course I will paint my bed frame vintage white one of these days but I think it will still be cohesive with the color flow of the room.

So far, my sewing has improved and thanks to my teacher, Pia Thonke (Peacock & Parade) and though I feel happy with the end product, I feel like there is more to learn.

Just like in life, we always think we knew it all but we actually don’t. So when my former staff (when I was still working as a Guest Relations Supervisor in Dubai) told me that “I know everything” while I was training her, I felt all of a sudden she was luminous, translucent and then she was God.

Nobody in this whole wide wide world has the right to say they know everything. Nobody. Because even the geniuses will agree when I say, there is more to learn.

Keep smiling everyone! Life is Good! Xx


2 thoughts on “Sew Nice

  1. Hi Leya,
    Class is on for tomorrow at 10:15
    ! The next 4 week session begins tomorrow. Are you joining us?
    Pia (Peacock & Parade)

    • Hi Pia,
      Unfortunately I am swamped this month. My Mom is visiting from New Jersey and I dont have an inkling what my shift from the hotel is. I will contact you as soon as I have a fixed sked. But Thank you. I would hve loved to join you guys again. You know how much I enjoy learning how to sew. 🙂

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