I Heart Provence

After my 5 hour shift (mostly check-out’s) at the hotel, The Hubster picked me up and we went to 2 OPEN houses in Warren, RI. Then went to Cheese Plate  for a Sunday date with my Love where we tried the French Cheese Plate. It has been awhile since we last had a “date” and today reminds me of making more time for each other.

Speaking of LOVE, my new love for Annie Sloan’s Provence started when I chanced upon this photo from Miss Mustard Seed:
Then I went to see Nancy (Sea Rose Cottage) and she showed me the color which I now adore so so so much! And that is why I used it again. She also taught me how to pronounce PROVENCE correctly.

(Here’s how to pronounce it: PROVENCE)
A few days ago I had a chance to haggle (For me haggling is a sport!) with a old man over a few furniture he got from AUCTION. He is from Tiverton (30 minute drive from Warren) and with $180 I got this dresser, 2 medium sized dressers and a table. And that also include delivery fee. He also, mind you, almost broke his back from carrying this dresser.

Notice how dirty it is? That is because it has been sitting in his container van for the longest time ever! I have scrubbed it and cleaned it properly.
The knobs are unique because these are antique furniture. You can’t easily buy the same ones nowadays so I decided to UPCYCLE them as well. I used the Gilding wax which I so love love love. I have to warn you though of the smell of this wax. But the end effect is ah-may-ZING!
I used the King Gold Gilding Wax once again. Notice how it popped on my new dresser?
PicMonkey Collage
I used Annie Sloan’s Provence (spiked it with water for a lighter effect)
I then added my vision board, a photo canvass (of The Hubster & Moi), a mirror tray I found at a Vintage shop in Jersey City, my perfumes and sunglasses, candleholder, faux flower and my jewelry box.
I almost forgot to mention, of course I will never forget to line my drawer. It is a MUST!
Et Voila!

I have to stop using PROVENCE now (until I have consumed other ASCP colors!) otherwise all my furniture will be Provence.

Which reminds me, one day I will go to a place called Lods, France. Yes! There is a town in France named after The Hubster’s descent. I will not let this lifetime pass without visiting this place.

One day, One day.


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