Project: Bedroom Bloom

Approximately 2 weeks (or was it 3?) ago I decided to re-decorate our bedroom just for the convenience of The Hubster. I believe I have mentioned before that we live in a crampy apartment and my newfound LOVE for upcycling furniture and sewing and whatnots are slowly cramping the entire apartment even more. So I feel that in order for The Hubster to have a comfy existence, I need to sort of create a space for him.

What I am about to show you are photos of our crampy (can I say crampy enough?) bedroom which for “mi esposo” is an okay space. I am however a lover of all things pretty so while I am waiting (patiently) to be a gazillionaire (and I still dont know how that can happen but I will soon) I need to improvise with things that I have and can afford. I must stick to the budget.
As you can see I still have that horrible curtain which was my first ever attempt to sew. That was prior my sewing classes which was very helpful but as I’ve stated, there is more (so much more!) to learn.
If you will look closely you will see The Hubster’s collection of hats slash caps which I think must go somewhere visually concealed. And the buckets? They are for the clean clothes which I cannot seem to iron because I am lazy. Yes! I am a lazy wife who seem to just love sleeping instead of concentrating on domesticated stuff.
I will keep this bedframe just because I feel that I can upcycle it and probably paint it with something light colored. Annie Sloan’s Cream perhaps?
These photos are previously taken and probably posted on my instagram (please feel free to add me up, Leya Sun) so as you can see I still have the (now) upcycled wooden bench. It used to be The Hubster’s table when he watch TV (mostly sports) while eating slash drinking. And the chest of drawers I now painted with Annie Sloan’s Provence.
The comforter was a wedding gift from Sissy aka The Pink Bella and I so so love Ralph Lauren. As you can also see, I have my favorite table find which (just now) I had an a-ha moment which made me grab my tape measure and started measuring the new table I will place in exchange of my fave ever table. Somehow I feel the need for a bigger table but I still need that height for easy access while I charge my phone and check FB, IG and pinterest for new inspiration. Yes. While I wait for sleep to visit Moi.

Watch out for the transformation. Wish me luck.


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