{Annie Sloan} Graphite

I slept 3am last night (morning?), woke up 6am to prep The Hubster’s clothes for work (which I should have done yesterday), slept again and woke up at 10:30am. I then decided to blog this “creation” I did a few weeks ago.The sole reason why I did not post it beforehand is mainly because I am not a big fan of Graphite. I felt somehow that I messed it up. However, this is the only project that Sugar (my sister) likes and she is (like Mi Madre) very hard to please. So I decided today that, what the heck, I’ll let you all decide.

This was given to us when we got married (2 years ago) when everyone just seem to send their un-wanted furniture our way.
I love the vintage feel of this mini-cabinet. I was quite adamant of upcycling it just because I was scared I might screw it up but I was encouraged by Nancy (ASCP stockist & owner of Sea Rose Cottage) that I should not overthink things rather just experiment.
This is a much clearer photo of what it turned out to be.
I decided to apply decoupage inside as well just because of my OCD.
Here’s a photo I took just this morning. The previous photos were taken during night time. I guess I should learn how to operate my NIKON DSLR.
I solely used Annie Sloan’s Graphite and the drawer liner I bought from Marshalls for $6.

Decoupage is something I have tried when I was in High School. I cut out photos of friends and family members and placed it on my table, glued and varnished on top. It was tedious but now you can actually simplify it by buying MODPODGE.

So what do you guys think? Shall I repaint it? Or leave it as it is?


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