A Brush, A Stroke

Lately I have been exhausted from work and I feel that my creative juices ran out of supply. After much thought and deliberation between me and my alters, I decided to let my paintbrushes rest for awhile and refuse to conform. I will now just paint (or upcycle) and sew when I am inspired and in the mood to create something. I will now take one project at a time, with much gusto, and perseverance. As I should. As I must.

For the meantime, I will continue blogging, carry my journal and write all things that inspires me while I enjoy Bus rides to work. I am now fueled with an enormous amount of courage to face each obstacles with humor. After all, we only live once and we do not really want to lead a life of negativity.

And while I take my much needed break for a few days, here’s a glimpse of my brushes:
Waxine & Waxwell (Wax Brushes, $22.67 + $30.66 respectively)
Stencil Brush ($20.66)
Stencil Brushes for $10 (+tax) at Marshalls (clearance)
My Annie Sloan paintbrush Medium ($38.95 + tax)

I still need a few more brushes to complete my set but I assure you, I am getting there. Just like my craft. One day at a time. With one brush, one stroke, one day.

“Senri no michi mo ippo karra.”


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