Project Update: Bedroom Bloom

A week ago while I was shopping at TJ Maxx for new swimsuits (Yay! To Summer!) I found this DVF (Yes, Diane von Furstenberg) fitted sheets and though I now set a specific budget whenever I go shopping I just cant let go of this.
Here’s a secret I need not share but opted to: I am not a big fan of bed sheets. I love fitted sheets. So whenever I find fitted sheets I just go LOCO!
Can you feel the plush-ness of this 300 Thread Count sheets? Well, fortunately The Hubster can! And I am pleased.

On a different note, as you have noticed (or NOT!) I still did not paint my bed frame and my spindle table which I totally love and will never (ever!) sell. I have been asked by some friends about The Hubster’s room update but as you can see, it’s still on process.

On my next OFF from work, I will be painting the bed frame and tackle the curtain rods. The spindle will have to wait as I am still waiting for the inspiration to kick-in. Has anyone notice the mirror?

I will keep y’all posted.


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