Mirror, Mirror (On the Wall)

I must say, The Brimfield Antique Show at Brimfield, Massachusetts was is the most amazing place I have ever been at. Much more amazing than Baths of Aphrodite (Pafos, Cyprus) or Burj Al Arab (Dubai, UAE) or even Disney World. Yes! It is, ah-may-zing!!!

Sugar (my Sister) and I decided to go today because it is the last day of the 5-day Market. And we all know that during the last day, ah-may-zing things happen. So we woke up at 5am and drove 1 and a half hour from Rhody to Massachusetts. And found the cheapest parking space for $4. Apparently, if you did not pay for parking, you are illegally parked. And we all know what happens when you park illegally.

Last night, Sugar and I decided we have $200 each to splurge. Yes! We are hagglers and penny pinchers.  So, we tried to stretch our budget and chanced upon the FASHION TENT which literally took our budget and more. Yes! We even used our additional funds in our card. Darn it!

But let me tell you this, it was worth every penny and waking up so early. Even if the small Lobster Roll (with fries) was $13, Sugar and I had 1 each and split another. It was a mecca. And we already planned of going back on July and September.

Here’s what transpired during our Brimfield Adventure:
I spoke with a jewelry artist about a possible business-collaboration, bought fancy vintage dresses, Sugar bought caster wheels made of iron, vintage steamer trunk, vintage Samsonite luggage, a mini-luggage, birdcage, a vintage COACH necklace and some what-nots which will be disclosed soon.

On a different note, here’s something I just finished:
I bought this wooden carved mirror through a CRAIGSLIST listing. I am happy of this find though it was the heaviest mirror I carried.
I used Annie Sloan’s Florence (3 coats) and sealed with Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax.
I was super pleased with the outcome of this mirror.
I used King Gold Gilding Wax and it gave the mirror a POP!
2If by any chance you noticed the drawers I placed the mirror, it is under process. I am still thinking of what I should do with it. But forget about the drawers, please feel free to give me feedback with the mirror.


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