Project Update: Bedroom Bloom (Part Deux)

If you constantly read my blog, you would have encountered my very first shabby (definitely not CHIC!) curtain which I made with my bare hands. Using my MIL’s (Mother-in-law) sewing machine gift.
Of course, that was my first attempt to make something from scrap into CRAP! But the optimism in me believes that I can do better. So I took a sewing class and even if there is still a lot of space to learn, I was finally confident enough to make a DIY curtain.
I was really happy with the curtain I made. However, I was not as pleased with the curtain rod which was purchased by our landlord. So when we signed another year of lease, I decided to mention to him that I want to change the commonly standard (redundant?) curtain rod. And he stated and I quote “Yes, You can!”
Yesterday, I went with the Hubster to Walmart to buy some toiletries and I chanced upon this Rod Set. I have been meaning to try House of Hepworths awesome and affordable DIY curtain rod but I guess the laziness out of me appealed to the recesses of my being. First, I do not have the entire tools needed which means, I will be spending more. Second, I am too busy from work to house routine. Third, I dont drive and that would mean, I have to rely on Sugar or The Hubster to drive me to Home Depot or Lowes. But mainly, I am just lazy. So I need not reiterate the reasons because it will just waste both out time. Me explaining and you, reading my BS. So there. I’m lazy. What can I say?

Anyway, here is the outcome of my laziness:
See the difference?
I bought it for $16 (each rod) and before you say something about my penny-pinching which blew-out of proportions let me just tell you a story.

The Hubster used to buy really cheap shoes (as opposed to me buying expensive ones, and by expensive I mean of KG and French Connection level and not the Louby’s. Hello? I’m not rich. Yet!) so he ended up ruining his shoes and buying another. While I on the other hand just continue wearing and loving my shoes.

Let’s just say, I bought the inexpensive ones. It look cheap. It breaks easily. And then I end up buying new ones. Or. I attempted a DIY and bought all the tools (expensive but I will be needing it for the future) and messed my project. For sure I will have it sitting for months until I pick it up again with my bruised ego. Well, I knew myself too well. That, and I have the power to see the future. Funny! Ha Ha!
I was tempted to spray paint it but I thought to myself, I will just leave it like that and when I have my own house that will be the time to spray paint it.

Whatcha Think?


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