Justin Bieber

A few weeks ago (while I was on my way to work) I passed by an Antique Shop and saw a Brass Elephant displayed outside. I was faced with a decision to check it out or risk missing my bus. So, the next time I passed by I realized that it is no longer there. I told Sugar and The Hubster that it is very important that we have an elephant with a trunk up because it brings good luck.

Luckily, when it comes to the feng shui energy and symbology of the elephant, few people can object to its beauty, silent power, kindness and majesty. Even though elephants are the largest land animals living on the planet today (and one of the strongest, too), their energy feels invariably kind and very, very wise.4
One day I realized that on top of my drawers, the elephant was lurking. Apparently, The Hubster bought it for me. I am telling you, I have the sweetest Hubster.

My nephew, Ondrej (aka Fatboy) decided to call it Justin Bieber for no reason.
I tried painting “JB” red as Red is a lucky color as well but I felt that instead of looking vibrant it looked angry and this is not what I envision “JB” to be. Like an elephant, Majestic and Kind, is what JB is destined to be. And so he shall be.
I painted JB with Cece Caldwell’s Simply White and topped with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk. Then topped with Annie Sloan’s Florence and used King’s Gold Gilding wax for his stripes and tusks.

I then used Cece Caldwell’s Satin Finish which gave a glossy look.
Your elephant will bring you Happiness, Longevity and Good Luck.

On a different note, Thank you so much to everyone who LIKED my Facebook page. I am now on my 113 likes and counting. Thank you.


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