A Gift For The Hubster

We went to Brimfield, Massachusetts for their famous Flea Market and I bought this shabby golf club decor for The Hubster.
Yes, The Hubster is a golf-fanatic. Let me rephrase that. The Hubster is a sports-fanatic. He used to  wrestle and currently a wrestling coach. He is a New Yorker hence a Yankee fan. He is however a Patriots fan. I guess mostly because of Tom Brady. But what do I know about sports right? I watched Red Sox game last year just to experience Fenway. And I have watched The New Jersey Devils play twice. But that doesn’t make me a fan. Frankly, it will not affect my life whether one team wins (or lose!). I do not give a flying fig about sports. No offense to those who does. I was just not brought up by my parents to be sports-minded. I used to even joke that the only sports I know is Golf. As in, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp. Pertaining to drinking. Yes, I drank like a Fish when I was in college. And then I grew up being uptight and decided that I have to always be in control. And alcohol is definitely not “controlled”. On top of that, I get nauseated by 1 glass of wine. So yes, I no longer drink. I guess I’m getting old!

I painted it with Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue and used King Gold Gilding Wax for the metal.golf1
Before & After Photos
Of course for now I placed the Antique golf clubs (that goes with it) but eventually The Hubster will place his most prized possession in there.

Today I re-arranged my room with the help of The Hubster. I am pleased with the fruit of my labor but I guess there are several things which needed some update. I just need to iron gazillion clothes. I am on my 7-3 shift  tomorrow and I already feel lazy going to work just thinking about it.

Wish me luck!


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