Accent (Table) of a Woman

I am on a cooking frenzy today because it is my OFF and I feel that it is only fitting that I devote my time doing household chores and (possibly) painting projects. So the multi-tasker in me is now doing the laundry while blogging. I have to clean the bedroom, go to the bank, go to Tom’s Market and cook a Filipino dish for dinner. I am also the designated babysitter today.

Anyway, here’s another project I just finished. I had this accent table ages ago and fell in HEART with the details. I somehow felt that it has great potential.
As you can see it is a nice piece made by Winthrop. I decided to paint it white and it sat in my living room for ages.
BeFunky_tumblr_m1lmoy7uiT1r5taq4 (1)
One day I was staring at it and thought to myself, It is screaming to have LIFE. Like a human being it needed color. I somehow felt for this piece. She wanted so much to be confident and proud. And the first color to enter my mind is RED.

Red is a color of elegance and opulence. In China it is the color of Happiness. In Philippines, Birthday. Okay, It’s a joke. But still, a happy color.
Et Voila! (FYI: Voila not Viola as common mistake by many.)
The metamorphosis of my Accent Table.
I painted the drawers white for a cleaner and more polished look. I also changed the knobs/pull to a plain gold color.
I painted it with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk with probably 5 coats and sealed with Cece Caldwell’s Dark Wax.

Who will agree that this Accent Table is now beaming with pride on its recent stature?

Keep smiling everyone! Wish me luck for this busy day off. Xx


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