Shabby Dining Table

I have a confession to make. Lately I have been overwhelmed by all the things around me. From working full time (on different shifts) to household chores to my upcycling projects. I tried so hard and I always disappoint myself. And I am tired of disappointing myself. So after a few days of hibernating (I wonder if you can call it hibernating when its to damn HOT!) I realized that I should be easy on myself. Less stress means happy life.

On a different note, my dining table is actually a poker table. It was the same table we had for almost 3 years and since I am in the “business” of reviving furniture I finally put it upon myself to level-up our dining aka poker table.

As I have been browsing on craigslist for the longest time I finally chanced upon a cute Shabby Chic Cottage Style dining table. The only downside to it is that it only has 3 chairs. However, I found myself a keeper.
Dining Table has a patch which can easily be sanded and primed.
Chair is in great condition.
Did you see the legs? Spindle baby, Spindle!

So here’s what’s brewing on my mind. It’s just an experiment and who knows, maybe it will work. If not, then so be it. But since I work full time I decided that after work I can get my hands dirty and work magic on this beauty. And the finale would be the table which needed to be sanded, I can do that on my OFF next week. That will actually lower down my stress level because I need not push myself too hard but still exercise my creativity.

What do you think? Wish me LUCK!


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