Vintage Toy Tricycle (Fab Finds by EmmaLeigh)

We (Sugar & I) are currently working on a website for our fab finds. As you are all witness to my growth as an “artist” (yes! I consider upcycling an ART) I would like to inform you that my Sister makes cute things as well.

Our vision is to make not-so pretty things AWESOME. For me, that is what makes UPCYCLING amazing, it makes you want something you no longer want. It’s like falling in love with someone whom you’ve fallen out of love with.  On a different light.

Unfortunately, Sugar do not take BEFORE photos but here’s something to reminisce the past:
Yes, I am a complete WACK-adoo but you’d rather catch me on that mood rather than on my other alters.

Here’s the preview of what we will OFFER on our shop:
Click To compare

Sugar and I will soon launch our FAB FINDS by Emmaleigh. And I hope you like the PREVIEW. It’s like Vintage meets Modern and fell in-love, eloped and got married.


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