Doll’s High Chair (Fab Finds by EmmaLeigh)

I have posted this High Chair a few months ago. Sugar & I found this on craigslist and we were fully educated that these are High Chair for Dolls and not to be used for babies:

PicMonkey Collage
Technically, Sugar saw it first and showed it to me and I was completely smitten. And here are the end product, the fruit of my labor.
I painted both chairs using Annie Sloan products. Mainly Emperor’s Silk, Pure White and Florence. I also have a remaining sampler of Cece Caldwell’s Johnston Daffodil so I decided to use it as well.
At first I wanted to decoupage the chairs but while looking at it, I decided to mix colors and have FUN with it.
The Pale Pink and Florence actually created a CUTE vibe which will be FUN for Kids.
The amount of work (and time) invested on these beauties is worth every single time I glance and admire its beauty. I am sure that the little girl who will own these chairs will treasure this forever and can even pass it on to her daughter as an heirloom. The High Chairs (specifically for Dolls) are actual wood. I may not know the exact type but I somehow feel its Cherry.
This cutesy will be available for sale. SOON.

Fab Finds by Emmaleigh is still working on its website. Please be patient.

Wish us Luck!


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