Ms. Brown’s Dresser (part deux)

My colleague (aka Ms. Brown) commissioned me once again to “upcycle” her other dresser to match the previous one.
I of course asked The Hubster (who BTW, wanted to be referred to as “The Sandman” from now onwards) to sand the top and front frame, and lightly sand the side frame. I applied MINWAX wood finish and sealed with wood finishing paste.
I used Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk on the cabinet drawers and sealed with Annie Sloan’s dark wax. It was exactly what I did with the previous dresser but this time I just painted the drawers for effect.
I changed the old knobs and pulls for a much modern one. I bought them at Lowe’s and Home Depot respectively.

I had my 2 day-OFF from work and I felt that it was productive and fruitful. The Sandman (yes, that’s The Hubster) and I (with Sugar and Ondrej) went biking during Columbus Day and spent the afternoon hanging out with Ms. Brown as she tried to do her end table all by herself. I attempted to re-do this cabinet:
This cabinet do not have a purpose in my crib. Aesthetically, I am not loving it (though my Sister, Sugar thinks it’s the best project I ever had) and I keep on putting rolls of toilet paper on it.  So now I decided to upcycle it and make sure that it will serve a purpose.

Again, wish me luck! I may need that with this one.

On a different note, I am in dire need of a sofa. My back is so painful just by sitting on this couch. Can the unseen mover of all please send a sofa my way? Thank you in advance. Xx


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