Selena Gomez

A few months ago The Hubster bought me a new elephant. Its trunk is on upward position hence it is suppose to bring me luck. And I have been luckier and luckier in small doses eversince. I hope you now know that I already have an elephant in my room which my nephew, Ondrej named Justin Bieber. JB brought a lot of luck in my life. And now that Selena (Yes, it is just fitting that we bring JB’s partner) is in the crib, I am more than pleased.

Here’s Selena, she’s a lamp. Made of fiber glass (I am not 100% sure) and it is heavy. The  color is somewhat boring which is a little off because Selena Gomez has a colorful life. Before we proceed with this blog, I would like to clear that I am not a fan of JB or SG or the Jelena loveteam. Dont get me wrong, I commend them for being trendsetters, starters, icons in their own rights but I am way too old for that. My fan-crazed phase has passed.


When The Hubster bought this for me I placed it in the living room and everytime I look at it I felt the urge to paint it with different colors. Until today I decided to paint it with 2 tone using yet another Annie Sloan.


I used ASCP’s Barcelona Orange and Antoinette. To seal, I used Picklee on Spring’s Poly Whey Top Coat which is a Satin Finish. It gave a glossy look.


(The Before & After photos)

I love the idea that I make crappy things lovable again. Upcycling is something which excites me. And whatever invokes emotion from my apathetic state is greatly welcomed. With open arms.

On a different note, I am turning over a new page in my life. I recently resigned from work and I cant wait for the new adventure to start. It is only in the beginning that difficulty arise but after that, everything fall to its rightful place. I encourage all of you to take that one step which you think is frightful. Whether it is big or small. Forget about what people will say.

After all, Haters gonna Hate.

Keep smiling everyone! Xx


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