(Paint-Date with Sissy) Faux Fireplace

4 years ago, before The Hubster and I got married, we got a hand-me-down gift from a friend. It was this fake fireplace which is totally NOT my style. Well, everything about our crampy apartment is actually NOT my style. But if you are married to Mr. Pennypinchers you just have to be resourceful. Hahaha!

So, last week Maria (from The Pink Bella) and I decided to set-up a “paint-date” and we both realized that this type of bonding is actually very relaxing. I like the idea that we can chat and catch-up and still make something pretty. It’s called, win-win situation.


(Have I mentioned we are both vain?)

Where was I?

While Maria “pretty-fied” 2 mirrors, I decided to tackle a much challenging project. You see, part of what I love about UPCYCLING is its ability to make you love something you have taken for granted for so long. It’s like loving the same man with a different light. Or a different wardrobe. Or shoes. Yes, I have massive flight of ideas. My apologies.

Here’s a photo of the fake fireplace which I re-purposed as a TV stand.


Notice the hideous color of the wood which was probably varnish. It looks dated and derelict and obsolete. Yes, all those words synonymous to old. And yet, it serves a purpose to our shabby bedroom. Not to mention that The Hubster bought me ASCP paint for this particular project.

As you all know, ASCP Chalk Paint do not need any priming or sanding. I took my paintbrushes and just went for it. With much passion. As always, as usual, as ever.

Here’s the finished product of what seemed like eternity:


I used ASCP Paris Grey with 3 coats and sealed it with AS Clear Wax.


In case you were wondering why I keep that flower bouquet, I used that during my Farm Wedding at Rehoboth, Massachusetts. So that deserves to be there, where I get reminded on daily basis that I married a good man. I am not worthy, I am not worthy. Hahahaha!

Instead of keeping the “fireplace” I decided to remove all of its “nasty-ness” and dump all of them on the thrash. I do not need it, it was not my style and it does not serve a purpose. It just has to go.

I am looking forward to show you Maria’s project. And I cant wait for more paint-dates to come.

PS: I am grateful to each and everyone who followed my FB page: Beaucoup de Soleil. I could not thank you guys enough. Everyday I get so inspired to do better because of the endless support. I have this undying pursuit to be better than the “ME” today. Yes, The greatest challenge is to challenge yourself.

As always. As usual. As ever.


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