(S+L) Project 1: Cane Dining Chairs

For months I have been obsessing of Miss Mustard Seed’s Cane Chairs. It always reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in the Philippines we used to have this caned chairs which was actually so durable. At one point when it actually broke my Mother placed a plywood on top just so we can still use it. She was resourceful and was never into aesthetics. She was a full-time Teacher and a (single?) Mother of four. Single (question mark) because my Father was always away (as he was a Serviceman in the Air Force) and money was scarce. So my Mother, makes sure that we have food in our plate and provided proper education for all of us. We all turned out well I guess. I turned out well (exclamation point) which was a complete surprise (if not SHOCK!) to my detractors. But that is another story.


(Here’s the Cane Chair from Miss Mustard Seed)

A few days ago I asked The Hubster to join me on a project which may (or may not) prosper but TRYING has always been my middle name. Okay, Okay, It’s Rull. But you get the point. Right? Anyway, each month we tackle a project together and we sell this project on Craigslist or elsewhere. The profit minus the capital will be set aside for something which will benefit both of us. I feel that this projects will actually be a win-win situation because it will be regarded as a relationship-building exercise. It will help us tackle hurdles together, and together we will be ONE.

Not that we have marital problems. As a matter of fact I think I have a good life. Most Husband’s are not as kind and loving as mine. But I guess we always have to (work and) better our relationship. To solidify it.

Last Sunday, I asked The Hubster to drive me to East Providence and pick-up Cane Dining Chairs for our first project. For a very minimal amount I haggled this chairs, as you all know by now, I am the Queen of Haggling. So we picked it up, shoved it at the back of our Yaris, went to a bar in Providence for lunch and drinks and then went home. I realized I need a table for this Dining Chairs (Yes, I got 4) and I think I have a Dining Table downstairs at the Basement which might work with this project.

1The next step of this project will be sanding which The Hubster is almost an expert with. I have already wasted brain cells by thinking of the color scheme and it always gives me a giddy-feeling.

PicMonkey Collage

(Notice the yucky and gross fabric on the chair? That needs to be reupholstered.)

 Sometimes I get to thinking, what if I just quit my job and start a business. I know I have the eye for quality furniture and my aesthetics are awesome. Yeah, I’m conceited like that. Hahahaha! But if you know me a little bit better, and if you base my taste on my shoe collection, you will realize that I am right. Like Spiderman’s demise, This is my gift, my curse. Hahahaha!

Nota Bene: Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s in the world. Especially to My Mother & Sisters in-law, My Friends, My Cousins, My Sister, My Aunts and My Mother. You guys are awesome for bringing life into this vast world. I always say that I have no maternal instinct in my bones, but I guess now I do. I am over-protective of people I love. I maybe too critical of them but if someone attacks them, I am ready to pounce like a lioness. I guess I only provide TOUGH LOVE. So to those who have experienced that, rest assured, I have loved you. And the time you gave up on me, is the time I will give up on you. Yes, I only love those who loves me. I’m crazy like that!


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