Cottage Style Dining Table

Last April I sold my Dining Table to a cute young couple and I was faced with this dilemma:


My really small space was lonely without a dining table. In all honesty, I did not miss that Dining Table. True, The Hubster and I put a lot of work on that table but it also occupied a lot of space in our “kitchenette” and I started thinking of how and where can I get a small dining table.

Et Voila!

small dining tableI found this cuteness overload of a table with 2 chairs fit (as glove) for The Hubster and I. Check out more photos of this Dining Table I found here —> Do You Have A Vision?

And here’s what I did with the Dining Table:


I painted this cute Dining Table using ASCP Louis Blue + ASCP Old White. I then sealed it using Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax. Here are more photos of the recently finished project:


dt4 dt2 dt1 diningtable

I washed the seat cushion which was added to this purchase for free. It was new but the owner has a Cat and I have asthma so we all know that its a recipe for disaster. Just to be on the safe side, I placed it in the washer and dryer and I thought it was one of those cheap cushions but turns out to be durable.


I bought my table cover (and the curtains) on Marshalls.

The size is amazingly fit for The Hubster and Moi and we are now more comfortable having dinner in this table rather than the couch. The kitchen looks a little bit spacious too.

On a different note, since it is my OFF today I decided to blog and put on my crown (again!) as the Domesticated Goddess. I have a painting project and I might cook Beef Caldereta for dinner. Recipe is posted on my Facebook page which you can find (by clicking) here —> Party in my Tummy. And while you’re at it, please feel free to like my page.

I woke up today watching “It takes Gutz to be a Guttierez”. Its a reality show on E Asia with a Kardashian premise showcasing the lives of The Guttierez’s which is actually a showbiz royalty in the Philippines. The first episode was more of introduction and though some might find it boring, I am too big of a Ruffa Guttierez’s fan to even gravitate on the plot. However, when they showed what to expect on the next episode, and Eddie (the Patriarch) was scolding his children that got me excited. Dirty laundry in the house will obviously be displayed and I just cant wait for that. Yes, the newest addition to my guilty pleasure.

Now that the weather is finally getting so much better, you will be seeing more of me on my The Lil Rhody Staycationer blog and more (mini) projects to be done. I might even show you gazillion stuff waiting to be revived on a storage unit I am currently renting. Soon…

Keep smiling everyone! Life is good. Xx


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