A New Beginning

Hello Hello 2015!

This is my first-ever blog entry for the year 2015 and I am using my teenie-weenie TOSHIBA laptop from The Hubster. I actually like a MacBook but I guess he is right, I am not an Engineer or an Architect or a Math wiz who needs it. All I do is blog, edit photos, sell stuff on virtual shops and check social media. So please do not tell him that he is right. I do not hate it when he’s right. I just hate it when I’m wrong. Hahaha!

To start the year I decided to finally change my pouch bag for whatnots (mainly make-up, meds, hair and skin stuff).


This pouch was given to me by my friend, Lub Rivera when she visited US earlier last year. We went to NYC and it was a FUN visit though I felt it should have been way better if it was during summer.


I saw this transparent pouch when I was looking for some stuff to sell (and send to Philippines) during my visit in the Garden State. Yes, that’s New Jersey. Where my family stays and never wants to leave. Come on! Visit me over here in The Lil Rhody. Okay, let me know in advance first. Like 2 months ahead? Is that too much? There are gazillion beaches during summer. Oh wait, I’m going to the Philippines this summer. Maybe next year?

Anyway, after transferring my whatnots to the new pouch:


I feel that it was much better that I can see what I have and maybe I can start using it. You see, as most women, I buy a lot of things and sometimes, barely use it. This year will be different because I would like to buy things and use it. And this transparent pouch will (or might) help me achieve that.

Hey, you cant blame me for trying.

On a different note, visit my Beaucoup de Soleil facebook page as there will be few changes soon.

Bring it on, 2015! Bring it on! Xx



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