Project: Spindle Table

Year 2013, I got obsessed with buying a lot of furniture to possibly upcycle. The problem was not that I do not want to do it anymore. The problem was, I have a full-time job (flexible hours) and I barely have time to do it. I got stuck with a lot of furniture yet to be upcycled.


The Hubster brought me to a Flea Market in Swansea, Massachusetts and I saw this Spindle Table.


One of things you should remember everytime you go to a Flea Market: CASH is KING! Bring cash and don’t bring hundred or fifty bills. Loose cash Baby! Also, not a lot of people are expert in haggling. Some people get embarrassed by it but clearly by now you already know that I am not one of them. Hehehe!

After almost 2 years of keeping this spindle table I decided that it is time for it to SHINE!


I used Annie Sloan’s Country Grey and Annie Sloan’s Soft Clear wax.

l honestly love painting and upcycling. One day, when I have my own house (hopefully 2016) I would like to have one room only for my projects. A garage will do btw. Or a shed. As long as its all mine! Hehehe!


I have been feeling tired lately. My asthma is just as inconsiderate. Hahaha! But one thing irks me the most, when someone points out that I should go to the Doctor and have my asthma cured. It’s so ignorant! Asthma is not like your cough Dahlin’. It’s constant. I cant just go to the Doctor and (puff!) No more asthma! Maybe you should educate yourself first before you open your mouth. Or… you should go to the Doctor for your Foot in Mouth disease and have it cured. LMAO

On a different note, Have you tried pre-cooked meal? I tried 2 meals last week (Humba + Mongolian Beef) and it all went smoothly as planned. This week I cooked Pork Adobo, Bistek Pinoy, Tenderloin Tips and Spaghetti. And all viand will be distributed into 2 containers, 1 for The Hubster’s lunch and 1 for our dinner. I will then freeze it and just thaw when needed, then re-heat or microwave.

You can check more pre-cooked meals (Here) and (Here) to make your lives easier to handle. I want a laid-back life and I do not want to always be on the go. I want to take my time and I think pre-cooked meals are awesome.

What do you think? Xx


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