{SOLD} Stenciled Dining Table

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”
William Pollard


A couple of weeks ago I sold this beauty and I could not be any happier. Let me share you the journey of The Breakfast Table.

00G0G_8YRWcpf8upt_600x450I bought this Breakfast table from a lady somewhere in Providence. She was so nice and very accommodating even told us personal life stories. Which reminds me of how dry I am whenever clients/customers go to my crib. I have to work on that! I guess I just get a bit tired from work (yes, its an irony because I work at the Front Desk in a Hotel…)

small dining table
So I bough the Breakfast Table and used it as our Dining Table. After all, It was just me and The Hubster so we do not really need a huge Dining Table to begin with. I need the space.

diningtableI painted it using ASCP Old White and ASCP Provence. Waxed using ASCP Clear wax to seal. After a few months I decided to finish the Vintage Table I bought from our neighbor and use it as our Dining Table so I made an executive decision of posting this table on Craigslist. The sole person who wants to buy this (on this exact condition) was low-balling me.

x6Instead of giving-in to what she wanted I decided to stencil it using Royal Design Studio (Chez Sheik Moroccan Wall Stencil) and used ASCP Florence in exchange of the existing ASCP Provence.


I think that the end result was amazing because after a few days of posting it on Craigslist I had several offer from buyers and I decided to sell it to a lady from Barrington. At first I was a bit offended when she asked to take a photo and send it to her Husband, then she would like to “test” the chairs and the table but after a long thought I guess she was right. She was just being the customer that she needs to be. She needed t make sure if she is purchasing the right furniture house. It took a few hours of brainstorming with The Hubster before I decided that it was logical for her to act that way. I hope she is loving this Breakfast Table.

After all, its a piece of ART. (wink, wink)



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