{Revamp} End Table


A few days ago, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was crowned Miss Universe 2015. But prior to that, host Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner. Let  me just tell you a brief story, Filipinos do not have Football or Baseball (I think now they do but not of major leagues, you can always correct me if Im wrong but that may not interest me…) so our version of Superbowl is either Boxing or Beauty Pageants and Miss Universe (since Gloria Diaz in 1969 won with the question about how to welcome the astronauts, which was answered with, its now time to take a bath… Or somethig like that.) is the icing of our “superbowls”. In this arena, we learned at young age how to judge pageants, we (Filipinos) learned that Beauty itelf is not the major reason to bag a crown, we learned that you should be the amalgamation of class (how you present yourself on stage), confidence, beauty and wit and the list goes on…

Before watching the pageant, I was merely a hopeful as all millions of Filipinos back home (and all over the world, or universe for that matter..) I thought to myself, Pia Alozo Wurtzbach may not bring the crown. I liked her since she was a teen (on a candy mag or her commercials) but as the years progressed I have learned that she joined Bb. Pilipinas 3 times until the time she bagged the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title. I thought to myself, there must be a reason. This girl has guts! She never stopped believing. She followed her dreams. Damn! I like her. I like a lot!

As I watched the pre-pageant photos I was stunned, she stood out. Prior to the event I was thinking, she may not have that “IT” factor onstage as she will be sharing the limelight with beauties all over the world… (or universe for that matter…) but lo’ and behold, The Star, Feisty, Fabulous, Fierce and yet when she smiles, you can sense confidence and most of all, humility.

During the Top 15 I was elated, she looks stunning! Then swimsuit competition came, while Ms. Colombia (with her bounce and twirl) was all confidence  Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach with her juggling booby (yeah, looks real to me!) exudes simplicity with class as she strut  onstage. I thought to myself, we got this. Then Top 10 and she looked stunning wearing the blue Albert Andrada gown. Then Top 5 came, I was still hopeful, she was given a question which she answered vaguely and I somehow felt that there’s something missing (aside from Steve Harvey’s enthusiasm) during that Top 5 interview. On the said Q &A portion, I believe that Miss Colombia and Miss USA flourished but good thing Pia Alonzo Wutzbach (yes, Ive been chanting her name for the longest time!) was fortunate to be included. I felt that somehow she thought to herself, this is it! Its do or die! Im already here on the top 3, might as well give it my all! And of course, she skyrocketed with her answer which was expected of a Miss Universe caliber.

I am sorry Miss Colombia, but no one really “robbed” your crown, no one actually rob you of something which you dont have in the first place. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the winner. Is the winner. And you cannot say that she robbed you because that crown and that title was hers to begin with. The only (and I reiterate) the only person who robbed you is Steve Harvey. He gave you something and took it out of your hands in less than 10 minutes. He was the culprit. To which he took full responsbility. You were robbed yes. But definitely not by the real winner.

I am so sorry Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, for you are the only person who was robbed. You were robbed by Steve Harvey, with the joy of getting the crown which is rightfully yours. You were robbed by presentting this crown to your fellow Filipinos without any malice or ill-intentions that goes with it. You were robbed with savoring that WIN. You were robbed with the “first walk” and we were robbed (the Filipino pople) with the uncontrollable laughter and involuntary shrieks and screams and jumping for joy. We were robbed of that moment. It was a great win (no doubt) but they made it into deflate-gate. They smeared that crown with sadness and hatred. And it is now up to you, with your elegance and confidence to reign supreme. I believe in you.You inspire me because you never stopped hoping and dreaming. You joined Bb. Pilipinas 3 times until the time you actually got the crown. And to top it all, you won, Miss Universe 2015.

Congratulations Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! You made us proud!

On a different note, here’s another example of not giving up:

The journey of my end table….

(The link to the original post is here…)


This was taken when we recently moved to Rhode Island. That was 4 years ago, prior to that we live in Massachusetts. I was the Duchess of Cambridge Street. Hahaha!

We used to live in this huge apartment (and the irony of it all…) in Cambridge St. and we did not have any furniture. Then we moved to Rhode Island, we hoarded chairs and tables and dressers (and the likes) yet we live in a very small apartment. I must say though, I am much happier here in The Lil Rhody… (The proof of that happiness is here…)

Anyway, let’s go back to this End Table…

tumblr_m1wp2lkWUV1r5taq4 tumblr_m1wozuAsRc1r5taq4

What was I thinking painting it all white?

I guess I went to an ALL-WHITE phase. Then I decided to put some color to it…

BeFunky_DSC_0589 PicMonkey Collage

After painting it with this bi-color scheme, it seems to bother me everytime I look at it. Here’s the thing, I always think of my “creation” as piece of ART. I feel that somehow all furniture (like people) needs to beam with pride and confidence.

I painted it with ASCP Duck Egg Blue and Old White. Sealed with ASCP CLear wax.


Yet, like Miss Universe 2015, I felt that there’s more to do. That I can still achieve something out of it. Its like an ugly duckling that turned into a DUCK. I feel like there’s a potential to be a swan. So I decided to paint it again.

5 4 3 2

I used a mixed CC Beckley Coal and ASCP Graphite to get that rich black color. Repainted the sides with the same ASCP Old White and sealed using ASCP Dark wax.

So what do you think?

Merry Christmas y’all and I wish you have a Happy New Year ahead.




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