{SOLD} End Table

A day before Christmas Eve I received an offer for this End Table. I was ecstatic because I never really thought that this beauty will SELL before the dresser. The gentleman did not even haggle and I’ma likin’…

As you know from my previous post of the journey of this end table here is a photo of the before and after:


I painted it using ASCP. I always love the consistency of this product. For me it is easy to apply and it never fails to deliver.

5 4

I sold this beauty for $100 (without knobs) I was told I can sell it for more but right now I am just trying to make beautiful things. This is after all my hobby, it relaxes me and makes me happy. And right now, I am in a position where I no longer wish to pursue things that cannot be. I always give it all up to the unseen mover of all. He is after all, always generous and I am already blessed with a lot of things. So part of me loves unwanted furniture because I know that I can make them pretty. There is always hope…

Here’s a little story: I work at one of the most prestigious hotel in Rhode Island and because it is OFF SEASON we were given lesser hours at work. Some of my colleagues rants about the “injustice” but I always look at the brighter side of life. Now I have more time to focus on my blog, my small business on eBay & etsy (and now poshmark), brainstorming with my personal assistant  (all the way in the Philippines) for another future business venture and most importantly take care of my HOME. And by home I mean, cooking for The Hubster and doing household chores. I also want to continue sewing this year but that is another story. So yes, I think of this predicament as an opportunity and I will grab this opportunity for it might knock only once.

On a different note, I am super excited of a future project that I have in the Philippines. Yet to be disclosed but of course I will share soon…

Happy New Year y’all!

The FUTURE is so bright…

This is why I collect shades!




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