(BDS Project) Vanity Mirror

I always think of my projects as work of ART and because I feel that I have been doing this for quite some time now I felt that I have to challenge myself.

I am a very competitive person. But unbeknownst to everyone I do not compete with anyone. I ONLY compete with the ME from yesterday. To better myself, to better my craft and now, to better my ART. I never compare myself to others, ENVY will eat you alive.

I have a friend who always compare herself to someone. I remembered a time she stated that she is better than someone because she is married, during that time I was not even dating anyone so I reacted with OUCH. Being single does not make me (or anyone else) a LOSER. Hello?! Then, when we were both married, she stated that, even if I am married, I do not have kids. Or let alone one.

It is not a choice that I do not have an offspring. I came into the realization that if the unseen mover of all would like us to have kids then by all means we will welcome the blessing with open arms and a grateful heart. But if not, maybe there is a reason, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And yes, sometimes I feel a tinge of envy whenever I see cute blonde blue-eyed babies but at the same time I feel grateful when I see bratty kids. So I guess I just take every blessing handed to me. I just look at life as a simple thing to be enjoyed rather than a rat race or a puzzle waiting to be solved. I do not like to complicate things anymore.

It is only natural for us to feel envious or jealous but do not let it consume you. I have met a lot of people especially the younger generation who are making life so complex and lives in a dog-eat-dog type of world. I guess I am getting older because I am more subdued. I no longer compete with anyone, I compete only with MYSELF.

Here’s the newest project I have in my crib: 12741967_1032837076810219_8563388114626927239_n


(Photos taken via Craigslist ad)

When I saw this piece I did not hesitate nor wasted time, I haggled for the price and asked my cousins to help me pick it up.


(Actual photo of purchased product via Craigslist)

You know that sometimes when you look at  photos they don’t really look the same in person? So this is completely a different color with what I saw on photos and the good thing about it is, I do not  look at the outward appearance, I look for the bones and this piece is unique with good bones. So I bought it.

Which made me think, Antoine St. de Exupery stated, “What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.” There are people who you think are so vibrant and full of life but they are dead inside. There are people who look and act so nice but they are actually mean-spirited. Like this person whom I thought I am finally trusting yet stabbed me in my back, Thanks Girl! I can see right through you now. Don’t worry about me, I can survive this world. Worry about how you will survive with that kind of attitude.

Where was I?

So I decided to just jump right though the project and paint it.

h f e d c

I used ASCP Provence and waxed with ASCP Clear wax. I also used Efex decorative applique.

When I purchased this piece I was thinking of putting this in my office to hold my accessories but because my office is so small It did not really work, so I decided to re-sell it. I posted it on CRAIGSLIST for $250 which generated some prospective buyers but I guess I am no longer the person interested to get money for something which I myself would not like. I pulled it out from the listing and decided to re-do it.

As you know I am a PINTEREST junkie, I started exploring other options because what I wanted to achieve for this unique piece is a WOW Factor and I think that painting it with a saucier color will not be enough to make it stand out. I then realized that I am evolving as an artist. (pat on my shoulder) I am practicing what I preach, I am competing with myself.

Here’s a photo of my first ever Decoupage attempt:
1stI bought this decorative napkin at The Vanderbilt Mansion in New York for $8 which I guess annoyed The Hubster (aka Mr. Pennypincher) because he felt I can get a cheap napkin for half the price. But I guess this is the design I’ve been looking for. I guess its not bad for an amateur right?

After a few days working on my sketch folder, I finally came up with an idea. I ordered Butterfly decorative napkin via amazon as I won $100 at work and I just decided that might as well take advantage of that perk!


I am going to use ASCP Florence for this project! I cant wait finishing the end product of this piece. I am thinking of “naming” my ART next time. I guess they deserve a name and they deserve to be loved (as all of us!) once again.

“The greatest challenge is to challenge yourself!”



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