“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”
(R. Buckminster Fuller)

One of the things I enjoy with UPCYCLING furniture is the endless possibilities it offers. You see, when I was younger I was an ugly duckling (not that I became a beautiful swan), I was super skinny and had a flat nose (again, not that I had better nose now) but I was teased for eternity during Grade School. One of my favorite was, I look like a model, a UNICEF model for malnutrition. On my recollection however, I was never insecure about my looks. True, I was super-skinny but I still wore the shortest-shorts ever. True, I was flat-nosed but that was the feature I inherited from my forefathers and that did not really bothered me at all. I was probably more bothered by the fact that we do not have enough money to buy the things I like rather than my outward appearance.

Today, I felt that I look so much better than I was during my younger years. Okay, so I may not have the super-skinny body I wanted (Why was I teased again for being skinny?) but I learned to love the ME I am today. Its all about perspective. Happiness is a state of mind.

Unfortunately for these furniture, they cannot mindset for themselves. I just feel so bad when I see a dresser on the street waiting for someone to pick them up. Like a prostitute mainly. Waiting for someone or something. Waiting for nothing. Until one day, Edward Lewis will pick them up and turn them into a PRETTY WOMAN. And that’s me, I am an EDWARD LEWIS. I will make them pretty. Because believe it or not, everything (or everyone) needs to feel pretty.

Yeah, I am crazy like that!

Anyway, I would like to share this Vanity Dresser which morphed from caterpillar to a butterfly:

12741967_1032837076810219_8563388114626927239_n 12688162_1032837096810217_4883660018215679677_n

I saw this cutesy on CRAIGSLIST and I thought to myself, what the hell? This looks amazing! It has good bones and I think it will fit perfectly in my small office. So I asked my cousins to come with me to pick it up on a Vintage Store somewhere in Providence.


Do you know the feeling when you see something good on photos and looks awful in real life? I basically just took it out of pity plus the fact that it looks like it has potential to be great and awesome. Yeah, I’ll take it!


I placed it in the corner of my office, painted it using ASCP Provence and sealed with ASCP clear wax. It looks so much better than before but I felt that it needed the WOW Factor.

So I decided to re-paint it with a different hue and try decoupage on a bigger medium:


I re-painted it using ASCP Florence (yes, my favorite!) and sealed with Cece Caldwell Satin Finish.  9 8 13 10

I saw this decorative napkins on AMAZON and I was smitten! II can actually visualize the possibility of incorporating it on my Vanity Dresser. I just have to buy it!

I won AMAZON cards from work and decided to invest on decorative napkins for my future decoupage projects. And I think I made a good choice!


 Sometimes you do not know what you are capable to do (or capable to be!) unless you maximize your potential.

I am inspired to create (or re-create) beautiful things not just because I love looking at them but also because it gives me hope. Which should always be present in your life. We can always do what we want to do or try to be what we want to be but the outcome may or may not be what we expected. But we can always HOPE. We can always hope that whatever the journey we have in life will actually lead to something better. Something better than what we expect.

Keep smiling everyone! Xx


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